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Hotel Booking & Venue Selection

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Hotel Booking and venue selection are important to making any wedding epic and elegant. Now in a Udaipur Planners for you offer this facility with your affordable budget and take care of your requirement.Making your wedding perfect we hire  Experienced wedding planner cannhelp you select the proper venue for your accommodation.In the first meeting with you ,  take details from you about your preferences for your wedding venue and details about your expected guests. On the basis of this information, our team brings out to you a complete list of venues available as per your preferences and budget.Hotel Booking and Venue Selection play a vital role to make a wedding epic.

wedding Hotel Booking & Venue Selection

While compiling this list, there are several factors which are taken care by our team so that we can offer you the best out of best.

We do a detailed reiki of all venues matching your requirement and thereby taking complete information on all the features of the venue – covered and uncovered area, design and layout, parking space available, proximity to the nearest city hub, services outsourced by the venue management and agencies employed for such outsourced services.

At the time of discussing all such venue options we always make sure to update you about the strengths and weaknesses of these venues so that you get a crystal-clear picture for all the options available.

Once you have visited all the shortlisted venues and finalize your wedding venue, we go ahead with arranging your meeting with the venue management. We even help you in negotiations for venue booking and getting additional benefits added to the venue contract so as to get the maximum worth for your funds.

After getting your hotel booked, we start working on other arrangements simultaneously. These include deciding the best venue in the property for each ceremony, flower decorations, sitting arrangements, food menu spread, stage designing, parking space management and many such other secondary but all the more important aspects. We manage the property through our liasioning with various service departments from day one of making arrangements for your wedding ceremony till the time we see off you and your guests from the venue.

Wedding Hotel Booking & Venue Selection Services


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A couple imagines of getting married at a perfect wedding location. Everything about it, starting from the décor, photography depends on the venue. Just state your budget and give us a call, we will surprise you with the healthy lists of places. We keep in mind all the aspects of location, layout and designing, size, parking space, catering, regulations, etc.